AUD/USD forex rate.

      Currently, the US Dollar Index is followed by the AUS currencies and the FTSE 100. These currency rates are also influenced by the economic standings of each country. Economic standing refers to the state of the economy in relation to international trade. The countries with the highest levels of economic development usually have the strongest currency rates.
     The US Dollar Index is commonly known as the USD/AUS pair. It is often the base rate used by most financial institutions and companies worldwide when determining the value of their currencies. This is the main reason why the US Dollar is the most widely used currency for trading. For instance, when buying a cup of coffee in Sydney, you might pay in Australian dollars but when paying for lunch in Tokyo, you might use Japanese Yen (JPY). The same process goes when selling or buying the currency pairs in the Forex.
     Most often, AUD and USD are used as base rates in the Forex. They are followed by other major currency pairs such as the GBP/USD, EU/USD, NZD/USD, USD/CHF and the USD/JPY. It is believed that these pairs form a base of international exchange rates in the Forex market. These are the highest valued currencies in the world. The rates of these pairs are constantly changing and fluctuating.
     Traders use the AUS fixed for Forex trading transactions. They use this currency because it allows them more freedom when trading. The price and value of the AUS fixed can change depending on the political situations of the country.
     The AUS fixed is also a major factor for deciding the rates of the AUD and USD in the market. The floating exchange rate of the AUS fluctuates and changes depending on the political condition of the country. If the economy of a country gets better, the rates of the AUD and USD will go up. If the situation is bad, then the rates of the currencies would be decreased. The US, UK and Japan are some of the largest contributors to the floating market rates of the AUS.
     Some other major factors that determine the trading prices of the currencies in the AUS include commodity prices, stock exchanges and interest rates. Commodity prices play a very important role in determining the prices of the AUD and USD in the Forex market. If you want to invest in commodities, then you should invest in the agricultural products such as the rice, wheat and other grains. Other agricultural products that are traded in the Forex include the soybean, pork bellies, sugarcane, dairy products, fruit, vegetables and petroleum.
     Stock exchanges also have a huge role to play in determining the AUS and AUD rates in the Forex market. Many times, a particular company will be dependent on the rates of the AUD and USD for its foreign assets. If the rates of the currencies are strong, then the stocks of that particular company will also go up. However, if the rates of the currencies are weak, then the stocks of that company will drop down. This is one of the reasons why it is extremely important to monitor the market and follow all the developments carefully.
     If you are new to the field of currency trading, you can take advantage of the free tutorials that are available online. You can get to learn more about the techniques and strategies that are used by professionals in the Forex market. You can also get to learn the tips and ideas used by them so that you can start making money right from day one. If you are already in the field, you can simply practice the strategies that you have learnt on a daily basis until they become second nature to you.

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