Forex Iraqi Dinar vs US dollar.

      The ongoing conflict in Iraq has spilled over into the Middle East and Iraq and the US is taking action. We have been Training our Teenagers to fight and win wars and they are now fighting for their lives against the brutal Saddam Hussein. One of the most successful students we have ever had in the United States Military, turns out to be an Iraq Veteran, well you might say that. Just like you, many of the young people who have left the military with the knowledge of how to win a war don't win because they don't put it to use.
     Is the US prepared for the economic disruption in Iraq due to the currency war? In all honesty it isn't. The political bluff that we have used to get us into a conflict that we probably would have lost anyway is no longer available. If we had taken a different approach to the problems in Iraq would have been much different. Instead we decided to go into a military operation, which costs us dearly in lives and money, that has failed.
     Is the US going to lose the confidence of the world as it has already done in the past with regards to the dollar? The answer is no. There are many countries out there that are not involved in a military action, that have oil supplies. They are buying US dollars with the hopes that someday that oil will be so cheap that American citizens will start buying up those dollars to save themselves from the price increases that come with it. So, is the US going to sit around and wait for that to happen or do something about it?
     This is not just a story for the economic times we are living in. It's a scenario that you can see happening all over the world. Gold and silver prices are going up as the economies of the world crumble. This means that investors need to take their money out of the markets before the prices shoot up.
     Is the United States prepared for such an event? Currently, the military is involved in a never-ending war in Iraq. The cost of this is staggering and it isn't going to get any cheaper anytime soon. Meanwhile, oil prices are still through the roof. If you have any investment in the dollars, whether they go up or down, you will lose that investment when the prices go up and the US goes to war.
     Will the United States go to war in Iraq? At this time, it appears that the likelihood of a military action in Iraq is slim to none. Why? Is it because the leadership in Washington realizes that the Iraqi government is not up to par when it comes to keeping the peace in Iraq? That would make sense, but it also could mean that the public is turning against the war and that could cause a change in the price of the US Dollar.
     Will the public once again turn against a war with Iran? We know that the public is divided on this issue, but Iran has very little choice if it wants to stay in the fold of the world community. Will the public anger once again boil over the price of Iran's nuclear weapons? This could happen at any time, which means that there will always be a great deal of volatility for the US Dollar.
     Will the United States go to war in Iraq because of oil? Currently, we are importing more oil to make up for the lost revenue from the loss of the Iraq war. Will the US Dollar continue to weaken because of the cost of oil? We should wait and watch to see how the situation plays out, but I have a strong feeling that the Forex Dubai Dinar Vs US Dollar will continue to be a volatile debate for quite some time.

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