Forex apps.

      Forex apps or currency trading applications have taken the mobile world by storm. You can easily trade currencies in the palm of your hand, wherever you are as long as there is a network connection. An important factor for traders is that these apps can do all the analytical work for them. This includes historical data, fundamental analysis and even automated predictions based on the current market conditions.
     The Forex android and iPhone app compatibility are the most important feature of any Forex Trading App. These apps were developed especially for the iOS platform and they are compatible with almost all devices that run on the iPhone OS 3.2 or earlier. android and ios are not so much compatible with the iPhone. However, even android phones with the older ios operating system are compatible with the Forex Android app.
     There are many Forex Apps available in the market that are compatible with iOS devices. But the best free app for android can be downloaded free from the official website. The Forex Apps ios app comes with a money back guarantee. Even if you lose money in the Forex Trading, you can withdraw the amount from your account and claim your losses back. However, this feature of the Forex Apps for iOS needs to be checked out before you purchase it.
     The Forex Android and iPhone app offer two types of demo accounts, namely, the "Demo Account" and the "Pro Account". The demo account allows you to try out the functionality of the Forex Trading App without investing any of your funds. This gives you the chance to find out if the software package matches your expectations and requirements.
     The Forex Trading Apps also provides a wide array of charts and graphs, which can be used to interpret the different economic calendars. The most popular charts which can be used on the iOS devices include the line charts, bar charts, pie charts and the histograms. The Android devices offer a number of chart types including the line chart, pie chart, bar chart and histogram. The iPhone has a larger display than the Android phones.
     All the major Forex trading platforms including Metatrader and TradeStation can be integrated with the Forex Android and iPhone Apps. This means that the investor can buy and sell stocks and currencies from their desktop / laptop at any time. Moreover, the investors can view real-time stock quotes and other information on the go. Thus the compatibility between the android and iPhone-based Forex Apps depends on the platform to be used.
     When it comes to the functionality, there is no comparison between the android and the iPhone Forex Apps. This is because of the superior user experience, which is offered by the latter. Although Android platform offers some basic functionalities, the iPhone platform offers superior user experience due to the better screen size, better touch screen features and the faster performance.
     When choosing an iOS or Android-based Forex Trading App, the traders should check whether or not the particular app meets the requirements for iOS certification. This is important because if the app meets the requirements of the iOS devices, then the users can access to it on the Apple's iPhone and iPad devices. Apart from that, the compatibility of the Forex apps with the selected exchange will determine whether or not the investor can use the app on the Android devices. Thus before choosing a particular Forex app, it is important to ensure its compatibility with selected mobile platform. The Forex traders can choose one of the best Forex-specific android and iPhone Apps which are available online.

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