Forex is.

      The forex market is an over the counter or global market for the trade of currencies. This market involves all aspects of trading currencies from buying, to selling and exchanging them at currently or decided prices. Forex is an acronym for Foreign Exchange. Many countries have their own free exchanges. They include Australia, Bolivia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, United Kingdom and the United States.
     The liquidity in the currency market is the reason why traders can gain access to the largest market in the world. Traders can make a lot of profit by employing various strategies that will allow them to increase their leverage. For example, if they make a huge buy of one particular currency and sell it quickly, they can increase their leverage and make a huge profit as soon as they sold it.
     One of the many benefits of trading in this market is that it is highly liquid. Traders can enter and exit the market at any given hour with relative ease. It also allows traders to execute wide ranging transactions without holding the physical currency itself. One can hold shares, stocks, futures and forex options through the currency exchange. One of the most traded trading derivatives in the currency market is the currency pair EUR/USD and is often used as a carry trade in the stock market.
     Forex is the biggest trading market and is considered to be a market with high liquidity. Many large investors use the Forex exchange to their advantage by using leverage to gain an edge over other investors in the market. Leverage simply means that you are able to buy more of a certain currency with less money. If you know when to buy and sell currencies then you can gain an edge over other traders and make huge profits. One of the popular leverages used by traders is the 1:1 leverage ratio.
     A trader will buy a certain currency x with first currency y and place a sell order, so that he will be able to realize a profit when the prices rise. When trading in the Forex market you do not have to have all the currency at the same time. You can therefore execute different trades in order to gain profits and you will eventually pay off your capital.
     The Forex market is one of the largest markets in the world and has a daily turnover of over $1 trillion. Some of the top Forex traders are the ones who have made millions from trading in this market. Some of the individuals who made it big in Forex are the following; George Soros, Nick Roditi, Stanley Druckemiller, Alexander Elder and John Grace.
     Forex is a very liquid market where most of the buyers and sellers are online. Most of the buyers are from Asia, Europe and North America and the sellers come from all over the world. Because of the liquidity factor, forex market never closes, which increases the liquidity factor. This liquidity is what makes the free market more exciting and people start to invest money into it. The main reason why people start to invest in this market is the liquidity factor and it's the reason for the high growth of this market.
     There are different types of trading that can be done in the currency market such as day trading, swing trading, position trading and Forex mini trading. Swing trading is done by taking a position on a currency pair which remains unchanged for a long period of time. Swing trades are ideal for people who are new to trading because they do not have experience and can hold on to their positions for quite some time. In the case of day trading, investors get into the market and start buying and selling currencies based on their movement. These are the basic principles of trading in the forex market.

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