Forex market is.

      The Forex market is an over the counter or global market for the exchange of foreign currencies. This market effectively decides international currency rates for each currency in the world. It includes all aspects of trading, buying and selling currencies in current or predicted prices. In this market one can make a profit by using accurate predictions and decisions. One also has the opportunity to trade currencies with anonymous agents for extra safety. In fact, the largest market in the world is not controlled by any government or central authority; it is governed by the market forces based on supply and demand.
     The Forex market is open 24 hours round the clock. Forex exchange is an equal chance opportunity game for everyone. There are many different markets available including Eurodollars, U.S. dollars, Japanese Yen, British pounds, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars and Eurozone currencies. The trading is done through banks, brokers, financial institutions and online from central trading platforms. All these processes allow individuals to trade currencies around the world for extra cash.
     There are two types of transactions in the forex market: Forex pips and orders. Forex pips are technical terms referring to the actual transaction that took place and are only recorded during the final minute of the closing. Forex orders are those involved in market making such as selling or buying of a particular currency pair. These trades are usually carried out at the precise moment the exchange rates are reaching their peak. The peak, referred to as the range, is normally established several days before the actual high.
     In today's modern world the role of banks in the forex market is likelier than makers. They facilitate trades by accepting clients' orders, carrying out internal transactions and reporting these facts back to their clients. Traders will be charged for transactions carried out by their brokers.
     There are numerous global markets involving Forex trading. These include European Exchange, Latin American countries' economies, Asian markets and US Dollar based markets. Each of these markets have their own trading strategies and rules. Their differences can easily be compared to that of stocks and shares where there can be either up or down trends depending on which country's currencies are exchanged. There can also be short and long trends depending on which currencies are exchanged.
     In the case of the currency exchange, the process is simple but the rules and strategies behind them are quite complicated. Basically there are three different types of Forex markets. There are the over-the-counter (OTC), spot forex market (Fx) and the futures and options market (FOA). These three different kinds of Forex markets all function in the same way but each has its own advantages and disadvantages.
     The spot forex market has been commonly used as an exchange of currencies for people who want to speculate in the market without actually purchasing any foreign currencies or products. It is very popular in countries that trade regularly due to its fast and easy nature of operation. Most people use this kind of Forex exchange to speculate on specific currencies and carry out trades with their broker on their behalf. For example, if a person wants to speculate on a particular currency and enters the market with $1000, he can instantly begin buying and selling the currency and earn a profit according to the movement of the currency price.
     However this kind of Forex market is most effective when used with other types of Forex markets. People can use it to buy and sell currencies that are complementary to the one they wish to trade. For example, if two people wish to exchange US dollars and British pounds, they can do so easily since the US dollar is stronger against the British pound than it is against Euro and Japanese yen, which are the other major currency pairs in the Forex market. In this way, people can have a diversified trading portfolio and earn from different currencies that are complementary to each other.

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