Forex news now.

      Forex news today is all about the upswing of the economic world and it has everything to do with the value of the American dollar. It's really a case of "good news/bad news" because while the American economy is on an upswing, the rest of the world is not feeling that same sense of euphoria. China is slowing down and Europe is looking at bankruptcy while the United States continues to grow stronger.
     So what is going to happen next? There are several things that could happen. One of them would be the dollar loses some of its strength versus other currencies. Right now the dollar is valued very strongly against most other currencies. The euro is stronger, the pound is weakening and Japan is coming back in the growth engine but right now the American economy looks pretty good.
     That said, there are still a lot of economic data reports that have to be released tomorrow morning before the news is on. Some of these reports have to do with economic indicators such as consumer spending, business spending and the like. But economic data is only one indicator of how our economy is performing.
     Another big indicator that is released each day is the Non-farm Payroll (NFP) report. This contains the report on private and government payrolls. This is important because it shows us what type of jobs are being created and which ones are being lost. For example, if there are more government jobs being created than are being lost, this is good news for the dollar. If there are more private jobs being lost than are being created, then this is bad news. That's why it's so important to monitor both the NFP report and the non-farm payroll report.
     A lot of the economic news today is centered around the auto industry. It appears that the auto companies have been taking too large of a hit recently due to the state of the economy. The auto industry is one of the biggest contributors to the economy. So it is not surprising to see that they have been one of the first industries to suffer when the rest of the market seems to be rebounding.
     Another economic data release that should interest you today is the Non-farm Payroll figures. These figures are reported on the last Friday of the Reporting Period and should be released any day after the end of the month. They reveal the number of people employed, those who are working and those who are looking for work. They also reveal the number of people on the job who have been employed and those who have not. This economic data report reveals the overall state of the economy and how it is performing.
     One of the bigger economic indicators that can be released is Consumer Confidence. This is a composite index of economic data which compares how consumers feel about an area of consumer spending such as their personal finances. It is believed that the more confidence that consumers have in the banks and in the stock market that the better they will feel about their economic situation. If there is a drop in confidence then consumers are likely to pull back on spending and this can have a dramatic effect on the stock market.
     There are many economic news reports which are published every day and you need to be aware of them. Most of these reports are from countries that are not your own. That is why it is important to follow the news from nations which are familiar to you. For example, if you are interested in the Canadian economy, one thing you might be interested in are the reports from the Bank of Canada.

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