Forex trading is.

      Forex trading is the largest financial marketplace in the world. The foreign exchange marketplace is a 24-hour global marketplace for the trading of all currencies. This marketplace determines international currency rates for each currency exchanged. It includes all parts of the buying, selling and trading of currencies in current or determined values.
     Forex trading is done by those who understand the nature of the market, its working and what causes price movements. Some of the factors that affect currency prices are economic, political and environmental. Currency prices are affected by factors like the state of the economy, inflation, changes in policy of the central bank and other factors. These influences the price movements in Forex trading is not about guessing, it is all about using the right information to determine a Forex trading strategy that can guide you to successful trading and making profit.
     To succeed in Forex trading, you must be able to learn how to analyze the fx trends and fluctuations, and predict future trends in foreign exchange. You must know what indicators to watch out for and how to interpret them. If you start Forex trading without any training, you may end up losing your shirt. That's why training is very important before you decide to enter the market. Forex training will help you understand how the foreign exchange markets work, learn about indicators, learn about trading systems and become a successful trader.
     When you register in a Forex brokerage account, you will be given a choice of two currencies - a base currency and a primary currency. Your Forex trading software will be programmed to trade the two currencies together in pairs. Trading is based on the pairs that have a high correlation to one another and they move in a predictable fashion. For example: if the base currency is USD and the primary currency is EUR, then you may look at charts that display the relative strengths of these pair of currencies.
     Traders use indicators like stochastics, moving averages, RSI etc to predict when it is time to buy or sell a particular currency pair. These indicators indicate that the value of the currency pair will either go up or down in a fixed interval. These movements are also known as technical analysis. You must be careful while choosing your Forex broker since some banks offer the two currencies in different pairs.
     There are many factors which determine the value of a currency pair. One of them is a technical analysis of the technical indicators which show the movement of the prices. It is important to choose the best trading platform to trade forex with since the right platform helps you find the right technical analysis. If you don't have the time to read technical analysis in journals and newspapers, you may choose the automated forex trading platform since it will help you to trade forex with better efficiency and reduce the time taken in analysis.
     The most popular trading forex strategy is swing trading, where you use three or more pairs to buy and sell. If the currency that you are dealing with falls in value, you can exit before the price goes down further. You need to take a calculated decision to exit before the price reaches a certain low and goes up again. However, this type of strategy results in maximum loss.
     Another successful strategy is spot trading. In this strategy, you use only a small amount of money. The idea behind this type of strategy is that the small initial investment will help you to limit losses and make a profit on small profit margins. Also, by trading forex trading with leverage you will be able to reduce margin requirements.

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