Forex world.

      Forex World is the best place online to trade Forex. It is the most popular site and has around six million users. However, it is not a broker site like E*TRADE. The Forex Pros at Forex World is actual professional Forex traders that trade there for the largest of fees.
     The Forex Pros has around six million dollars in investments. They manage all of this themselves and do not sell any of their investments. There is no middleman or broker involved.
     With E*TRADE you have to pay to use their service. You also pay an annual fee. This is just a flat-fee transaction fee that they charge to anyone wanting to trade with them. They do not have any third party involvement. When you trade with anyone else they pay a commission on your transaction. Not Forex World.
     When I first heard of Forex World I was impressed. I thought that it was a great idea because there were some terrible brokers out there. I had a few bad experiences with brokers in the past and wanted to see if Forex World did not have these problems. Their website seemed very professional and their customer service was top notch.
     After doing a little research I found out that Forex World does have some bad points, but they are rare. Their system is not user friendly. When you first start trading, there is no system to follow. This is why there are so many bad apples in the marketplace. The site itself is fairly confusing and hard to understand.
     If you are looking for a tutorial or system to follow, you can find them but you may be lost in the vast ocean of information. Once you are trading with real money, Forex Pros will make sure you have some kind of trading education. The more you learn the better your chances of making a profitable trade. There are tutorials available but after you learn the basic, it can still take a long time to learn to trade profitably.
     Forex Pros takes their time to help you become a successful trader. They will show you how to trade and when to trade. This is important to new traders or people who have never traded before. When you have a clear direction as to what you want to accomplish, you will have a much better chance of succeeding.
     The last thing I found about Forex World is that their customer service was very good. I have dealt with some bad sites that leave you high and dry. You should only trust a business that gives you good customer service. This is an area where Forex Pros really excels.
     When I went through the signup process for Forex World I got a lot of support. Their customer service was very good and I got quick answers to my questions. This is always an advantage when dealing with any online site. It just shows you that they care about their customers and want them to succeed. This is what it is all about.
     Forex Pros is a legit trading site. They have been in business for over 10 years. This means they have done their research and they know what they are doing. Their strategies work and they are confident in their product.
     You will need a Forex account to get started. After you register, you can download the Forex World software that has all the training you need to get started. You do not need a broker; the software will do everything for you. Make sure you do your homework and read the fine print carefully. The Forex site has tons of information about this, so take advantage of it.
     Forex World has some great bonuses and tools. It will allow you to access real-time quotes, trade on your demo account, receive alerts about trading pairs, and keep track of your progress. This is a legit system that is well worth taking a look at. If you want to learn to trade Forex then taking a Forex Pro Tour is definitely the way to go. You will not be disappointed and in fact this could be the beginning of the best thing that you ever did with Forex.

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